kauppi_banded_agate_brooch_2000x3000 kauppi_banded_agate_brooch2_2000x3000 kauppi_banded_agate_brooch3_2000x3000 kauppi_banded_agate_brooch4_2000x3000 kauppi_banded_agate_brooch5_3000x2000 kauppi_banded_agate_brooch6_2000x3000


Amazing silver brooch by Elis Kauppi, with a large rectangle of red and white banded agate. Clever setting of the stone that allows for light to come from underneath. Crisp, clean lines.

Designer: Elis Kauppi

Maker: Kupittaan Kulta

Year: 1962

Country: Finland

Dimensions: Length 3.9 cm, width 2.8 cm

Condition: Very good vintage condition with wear consistent with age and use



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