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Striking silver collier by Ibe Dahlquist, with slender silver hoops framing round fossils. The hand-worked silver has a sensuality that enhances the natural beauty of the stones.

Designer: Ibe Dahlquist

Maker: Ibe Dahlquist

Year: 1959

Country: Sweden

Dimensions: Length 37.4 cm

Condition: Very good vintage condition with wear consistent with age and use

About the artist: Inga-Britt “Ibe” Dahlquist (1924-1996) was one of Sweden’s foremost modernist silversmiths. She had her breakthrough in the 1950s with modernist and profoundly organic silver jewelry combined with local natural elements such as fossils and stones. Dahlquist also worked for Georg Jensen from 1965 and onwards, creating pieces that were more strictly modernist, however with organic expressions that resonated with her work in her own studio. Ibe Dahlquist shared a studio in Visby on the island of Gotland with fellow silversmith Olof Barve for several decades. Barve often executed the jewelry while Dahlquist focused on the designs.



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